How to get children involved with the garden

The joy of growing your own fruits and vegetables is shared by many gardeners. However, growing can become an even better experience when you do it in a way that removes harm to yourself and nature by growing organically. If you haven’t started growing your garden organically yet, suddenlink kansas city,, take a minute [...]

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How to determine the size of the garden

If you do not have a lot of space available to plant your garden, you can determine the size of your garden by measuring the space you have available. You will have to determine what you can plant according to what can fit within that space. If you have more room available, the size of [...]

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Giving consideration to the size of the garden

Gardening can be a healthy hobby that furnishes exercise and good food. People considering starting a garden often debate how large a space they need. Planning a garden space requires considering several issues. Available Space Obviously, the garden cannot be bigger than the yard of the property owner. The planned garden must allow space for [...]

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How to chose between the types of tomatoes

Deciding on the type of tomato you choose to buy from the market or grocery store could sometimes be a difficult decision. In going through the produce section, many people did’nt know that there is a wide variety of tomatoes to choose from. Furthermore, each specific variety of tomato has a unique texture, taste, and [...]

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What types of plants to put in the garden

Having a backyard garden is a growing trend. Gardening enthusiasts have been doing it for years. The economy along with recent illnesses connected to produce has turned many people to backyard gardening. Gardens can be vegetable, flower or a combination of both. Planting vegetables and flowers together can create a natural herbicide. Having vegetables and [...]

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Chosing whether to put a weed pad down

Depending on the type of garden you are planning on growing, and where you plan to grow this garden, the addition of a weed pad may be needed, in order to prevent weeds from ever growing, and in order to minimize the growth if they ever do start to grow into your garden. Weed pads [...]

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How to get rid of pesty bugs

Any gardener knows that pesky bugs can be their number one foe. There are, however, some remedies that can help you keep those pests at bay. Slugs and snails can be beat by creating a protective copper barrier around your precious plants, pots and trees if wrapped around them. You can also bait them by [...]

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Tips for the Stay-at-Home Gardener

When you work from home your days can be consumed with work and Direct TV satellite but there’s another benefit of this type of work you’re missing out on: gardening! If you’re looking to become a home gardener there’s no easier way than if you work from homehere are some tips.Work in the morning: It’s [...]

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Should anything be mixed in with the soil

Depending on the type of plants being grown certain soil additives may be important to allow for a thriving plant growth. Most people know of the many advantages of plant food. These extra nutrients can be an excellent way to supplement soil nutrients that may be missing or depleted from the garden. Additionally soil types [...]

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Which type of soil is the best

Many gardeners feel that the soil is secondary to plant care and maintenance. The thinking is, as long as the plants are getting quality food, sufficient water and enough sun, they should do just fine. This is the same thinking as, “why buy organic when a mass produced vegetable will do the trick?” The type [...]

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