How to set up a sucessful garden

The key to setting up successful garden is soil and irrigation. Gardens with poor soil will fail because they do not have sufficient nutrients to feed the plants. Likewise poor irrigation will also kill your garden. The number one killer of garden plants is irregular watering.

Test your soil first to see how much soil amendment is needed. Purchase or manufacture the correct amount of amendment needed. The key to any soil amendment is organics. Organics come from cow manure, horse manure, and even chicken manure. Manures must be cured before use other wise pure manure could burn plants.Is this new to you? Catch up here Manure should be set aside for about three weeks prior to use. Then the manure can be mixed with soil to form compost and spread. Once spread use a rototiller to mix the amendment into the soil.

The best type of irrigation for a garden is a drip irrigation system on a timer. The timer is crucial for it ensures that the plants will be watered on a regular basis. Garden plants as rule do not like overhead spray on the leaves. Drip irrigation prevents this. Drip systems prevent soil erosion, over watering, and water waste. Drip heads prevent wasteful water by taking water directly to the plant being watered.

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